Safety zone - Stay away from running machines.

The sign warns that people should stay away from machines in operation to avoid injuries from moving parts or unforeseen incidents.

Safety zone - Stay away from running machines.
The "information sign" is an essential safety symbol in industrial and commercial environments where machinery and equipment are in use. Its main function is to inform people about the potential dangers posed by running machinery and to give clear instructions on how to behave safely.

Machinery in operation can present various hazards, including moving parts such as rotating blades, conveyor belts, presses or other mechanical components that can cause serious injury if not properly secured or if started unexpectedly. The sign is intended to warn workers, visitors and others in the area and remind them to stay away from such danger zones to ensure their safety.

Typically, the sign is designed in eye-catching colors such as yellow or red to immediately catch the eye and may include additional symbols that visually illustrate the danger, such as pictograms of machines or people keeping away from moving parts. It is placed in clearly visible locations near machines or in areas where hazardous substances are manipulated or used.

The clear instruction to stay away from running machinery underlines the responsibility of each individual to act in a safety-conscious manner and to minimise potential risks. Employers have a legal obligation to ensure that all employees are adequately trained to recognise and avoid danger zones around machinery. This includes training in the operation and maintenance of machinery and an understanding of safety measures and emergency procedures in the event of an accident.

In addition to the warning sign, safety measures should be taken to further reduce the risk of accidents, such as installing safety barriers, emergency stop switches, safety light curtains or safety devices on machines. These technical measures are designed to control access to dangerous areas and increase employee safety.

Regular inspections of the work environment are also crucial to identify and eliminate potential hazards early, such as loose machine covers, faulty safety devices or improperly secured moving parts. These inspections should be carried out at regular intervals to ensure that safety standards are maintained and all signs are clearly visible and understandable.

Overall, the sign "helps to raise awareness of the potential hazards involved in handling machinery and promote safety-conscious behavior. By setting out clear guidelines on safety around machinery, the sign supports a safe working environment and helps to effectively prevent accidents and injuries caused by improper handling of machinery.


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