This is not a place to dump garbage. Please dispose of it accordingly.

A tidy area is important. Please dispose of your rubbish in the containers provided.

This is not a place to dump garbage. Please dispose of it accordingly.
Similar to the previous notice, this sentence highlights that certain areas are not intended for the storage of waste. Instead, you are asked to dispose of the waste in accordance with the rules and regulations in force. This clear instruction encourages responsible disposal behavior and helps to avoid dumping of waste and the problems associated with it, such as odors, vermin and environmental pollution.

Why this note

This notice clearly explains that the place is not intended for dumping garbage, but for proper disposal. It promotes the cleanliness of the environment and helps prevent littering. By giving clear instructions, it encourages respectful behavior and shows commitment to caring for the environment.


Conclusion: "Please dispose of your garbage appropriately in the containers provided. Through this simple measure, we all contribute to making our community clean and attractive."


>> Dispose of old paper and materials in the waste paper container.

>> Politics and climate – the only things that change faster than the weather.
>> Note: The doctor has a sensitive hand for the health of his patients.
>> This surface is so cool, it could be considered a listed building!
>> Please do not disturb women – men need peace and quiet to complain.

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