Please respect the cleanliness and dispose of waste properly.

A clean place for everyone. Please dispose of waste properly to ensure cleanliness.

Please respect the cleanliness and dispose of waste properly.
Please respect the cleanliness of our environment by disposing of waste correctly. This means disposing of packaging, waste and other items in the bins or containers provided rather than simply leaving them lying around. This simple act of responsibility helps keep public spaces attractive and ensures that our environment is protected and cared for.

Why this note

This message encourages respect for cleanliness by disposing of waste properly. It promotes a neat appearance and helps prevent pollution. By setting clear objectives, it encourages responsible behavior and shows commitment to the care of public spaces.


- This notice highlights the importance of maintaining cleanliness and disposing of waste appropriately. It is a reminder of the importance of working together to maintain a tidy environment and keep public spaces free of rubbish. By all of us doing our part and using rubbish bins, we are promoting a pleasant and clean environment for everyone.


>> Use trash cans for used tissues.

>> When botched work becomes entertainment – ​​an operation with a wow effect.
>> Please do not spit on the grass – it is effective against all types of viruses.
>> Be careful! The lawn doesn't like comedy numbers - unless you're a professional comedian.
>> No men's dreams are fulfilled here, only womb dreams.

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