This is not a place to dispose of rubbish. Please throw it in the bins.

Cleanliness makes the difference. Please use the containers provided for your waste.

This is not a place to dispose of rubbish. Please throw it in the bins.
This clear statement is intended to avoid misunderstandings and to establish a clear policy for waste disposal. By indicating that certain areas should not be used as waste disposal sites, illegal dumping is discouraged and the use of the waste containers provided is encouraged. This contributes to maintaining public order and cleanliness and shows respect for the common space.

Why this note

This message explains that the area is not a place to dump waste, but rather that it should be thrown into the containers provided. It encourages order and helps to maintain cleanliness. By setting clear guidelines, it supports efficient waste management and shows a sense of responsibility for the care of the area.


Conclusion: "In order to keep our surroundings clean, we ask that you always throw waste into the containers provided. This promotes a neat appearance and protects our environment."


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