Keep computer rooms tidy and free of trash.

Please keep the computer rooms tidy and free of trash to keep the work environment clean and protect the technology.

Keep computer rooms tidy and free of trash.
The sign provides clear instructions on how to care for and maintain computer rooms in schools, businesses or public institutions. It aims to promote a productive and clean environment where computers can be used efficiently without being compromised by clutter or waste.

Why is order important?

Functionality of the technology

Computer rooms are filled with sensitive technology that can be damaged by clutter or mishandling. A clean room helps computers and peripherals function optimally and require fewer repairs.

Working environment

A tidy work environment promotes concentration and productivity of users. Studies show that a tidy environment improves well-being and increases efficiency.

Guidelines for maintaining order

Regular cleaning

Regular cleaning schedules should be established for computer rooms to minimize dust accumulation and ensure cleanliness.

Waste disposal

Providing trash bins in computer rooms makes it easier for users to dispose of waste properly. Recyclable materials such as paper and plastic should be collected separately.

User responsibility

Compliance with rules

Users should be encouraged to properly store personal belongings and dispose of waste in the designated containers. This will maintain the cleanliness of the space and improve the working environment.

Training and education

Training on the proper use of computer equipment and the importance of spatial planning can promote understanding and support compliance with the guidelines.

Technological protection

Maintenance and security

Technical equipment should be regularly maintained and protected from damage caused by improper use or environmental conditions.

Community responsibility


Schools, companies and public institutions can contribute to maintaining order in computer rooms through joint efforts. This includes providing suitable infrastructure, training users and regularly checking the room conditions.


The sign promotes a culture of responsibility and care for technical resources. By adhering to these practices, we help ensure the longevity and efficiency of computer equipment and create a pleasant working environment for all users. It requires the support and cooperation of all parties involved to achieve these goals and achieve long-term positive effects.


>> Avoid leaving litter on the way to school.

>> Caution! Why doesn't my computer work if I turn the screen upside down? - "Gravity is not a feature!"
>> Be careful, teachers are teaching here! May trigger spontaneous outbursts of knowledge and fits of laughter.
>> If you get lost, follow the arrows – or just call a taxi.
>> Attention! This is not a botched job, but a challenge to anatomy.

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