Cigarette butts do not belong on the sidewalk. Please dispose of them properly.

Cleanliness starts with you. Please dispose of cigarette butts properly and keep our sidewalks clean.

Cigarette butts do not belong on the sidewalk. Please dispose of them properly.
- This notice reminds people that cigarette butts should not be thrown on the pavement but should be disposed of properly. By respecting this, they contribute to the cleanliness and aesthetics of public spaces and prevent pollution and potential fire hazards. It is a simple measure of environmental protection and consideration for others that contributes to the care of the shared environment.

Why this note

This notice emphasizes the correct disposal of cigarette butts and reminds people that they do not belong on the sidewalk. It encourages environmentally conscious behavior and shows respect for the cleanliness of public areas. By providing clear instructions, it helps reduce pollution and supports an aesthetically pleasing urban image.


- This message highlights the importance of properly disposing of cigarette butts and encourages people not to leave them on the sidewalks. It promotes awareness of cleanliness and environmental protection and shows how everyone can contribute to improving the environment through their behavior.


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