Cleanliness starts with us: Please throw garbage in the bin.

Each of us contributes to cleanliness. Please dispose of your rubbish in the bins provided.

Cleanliness starts with us: Please throw garbage in the bin.
- This statement emphasizes that cleanliness is a shared concern that begins with the correct disposal of waste. By everyone doing their part and throwing waste in the containers provided, the environment is kept clean and a positive environment is created, characterized by order and respect. It is a reminder of how small actions can contribute to the care of common spaces, promoting well-being and quality of life.

Why this note

This message highlights the individual contribution to cleanliness by encouraging people to throw garbage in the bins. It encourages proactive behavior that contributes to caring for the environment and supports community standards. By emphasizing everyone's responsibility for cleanliness, it promotes awareness of environmental protection and sustainability.


- This message highlights the importance of cleanliness and encourages people to throw rubbish in the bins provided. It promotes an awareness of individual responsibility and shows how everyone can contribute to improving the environment through simple actions.


>> Together for a clean neighborhood: Please do not leave garbage in front of the door.

>> No men's dreams are fulfilled here, only womb dreams.
>> Attention! No improvisations here please – unless you are a jazz musician.
>> This interface is so cool, it could pass as a masterpiece!
>> Please do not spit on the grass – it is effective against all types of viruses.

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