Please do not leave any rubbish here. Use the rubbish bins.

A clean area is more pleasant for everyone. Please use the trash cans to dispose of your trash.

Please do not leave any rubbish here. Use the rubbish bins.
A polite request not to leave any garbage in this place, but to use the garbage containers provided. This instruction encourages the correct disposal of garbage and contributes to the cleanliness and hygiene of the place. It reminds us that maintaining public order and aesthetics is a community responsibility that should be supported by each individual.

Why this note

This request politely asks that you do not leave any rubbish in this place, but rather dispose of it in the bins provided. It promotes the cleanliness of the area and helps to avoid littering. By giving clear instructions, it encourages respectful behaviour and shows consideration for the needs of others.


Conclusion: "Please avoid leaving garbage in this place and use the garbage cans instead. Together we can make our environment clean and attractive."


>> Help keep the city clean: put your garbage in the trash can.

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