Please do not leave any rubbish here. Thank you.

A tidy place is more pleasant for all of us. Please do not leave any rubbish here.

Please do not leave any rubbish here. Thank you.
A polite request not to leave any rubbish in this place. By pointing out that no rubbish should be left behind and that instead the rubbish bins should be used, this will prevent rubbish dumping. This will help to maintain the cleanliness and aesthetics of the place and show respect for the community order.

Why this note

This notice reminds people not to leave rubbish in this place but to dispose of it properly. It promotes the cleanliness of the area and helps prevent pollution. By politely requesting compliance, it shows respect for the common space and encourages considerate behavior.


Conclusion: "Thank you for not leaving garbage in this place. Your contribution helps preserve the beauty of our surroundings and creates a pleasant environment for everyone."


>> No litter here. Please throw it in the trash can.

>> More breakdowns happen in this workshop than on the road.
>> If I get horny while shitting, is that a creative breakthrough?
>> Warning! Windows 12 cannot replace your clothes dryer.
>> Male cold emergency room – women, please do not be alarmed.

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