No garbage dumping here. Thank you for your understanding.

Cleanliness is important for everyone. Please do not leave any rubbish here and help to keep things tidy.

No garbage dumping here. Thank you for your understanding.
This polite notice asks that no litter be placed in this area. Clear communication makes it clear that litter should only be placed in the designated bins. It is an invitation to work together and be considerate of one another to maintain a clean and well-maintained environment.

Why this note

This message emphasizes the need not to deposit waste inappropriately, but to use the containers provided. It promotes the cleanliness of the area and helps maintain an aesthetic environment. By politely requesting compliance, it shows respect for the communal space and encourages responsible behavior.


Conclusion: "Thank you for your cooperation in preventing garbage dumping at this location. By taking care to keep the area clean, we are jointly contributing to the attractiveness and safety of our surroundings."


>> Help us keep the area clean: Please do not litter here.

>> Don’t leave any experiences here – the toilet is not a stage.
>> Be careful, I'm hotter than a kettle of boiling water!
>> Attention: The photographer captures moments with the speed of a flash.
>> Attention! This is not a botched job, but a challenge to anatomy.

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