Toilets are not ashtrays. Please do not dispose of cigarette butts here.

To keep sanitary areas clean, it is important not to dispose of cigarette butts in the toilet.

Toilets are not ashtrays. Please do not dispose of cigarette butts here.
This notice highlights that toilets are not appropriate places to dispose of cigarette butts. This is important because throwing butts down toilet pipes can cause blockages, leading to expensive repairs and wasted water. It is also a hygiene measure, as butt residue can contain germs that are dangerous to both toilet users and cleaners. The clear message conveyed by this notice helps to keep toilet facilities clean and functioning, while minimising the environmental impact of improperly disposed waste.

Why this note

This message reminds people that toilets are not suitable places to dispose of cigarette butts. It promotes the cleanliness of sanitary facilities and helps prevent blockages and pollution. By providing clear instructions, it contributes to the preservation of sanitary facilities and encourages respectful behavior.


Conclusion: "Let's work together to keep our toilets clean and not throw cigarette butts in them. This will help prevent blockages and keep our sanitary facilities in top condition."


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