Please do not leave rubbish here. Use the rubbish bins.

Cleanliness improves our living environment. Please do not leave your rubbish here, but use the rubbish bins.

Please do not leave rubbish here. Use the rubbish bins.
- This instruction indicates that garbage should not be left in this place, but should be disposed of in the trash cans. By following this rule, you will help keep the environment clean and safe and show respect for the common space. It is a simple measure that helps improve the quality of life and creates a sense of community building.

Why this note

This note highlights the importance of using rubbish bins and encourages people not to leave rubbish there. It encourages conscious behaviour when disposing of rubbish and helps to keep the environment clean. By giving clear instructions, it supports the maintenance of common areas and shows respect for the environment.


- This sign reminds people not to throw rubbish in this area, but to use the rubbish bins instead. It promotes an awareness of cleanliness and order in public areas and helps to maintain a clean environment.


>> Dispose of your garbage properly. The environment will thank you.

>> Be careful, hormones can spray in all directions!
>> Be careful! The lawn doesn't like comedy numbers - unless you're a professional comedian.
>> Please do not spit on the grass – it is effective against all types of viruses.
>> Be careful, there will be whining here – women, please show understanding.

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