Please note that the dishwasher is not a trash can!

This notice is intended to remind people that the dishwasher should not be used as a trash can.

Please note that the dishwasher is not a trash can!

Dishwasher Clogging
Food particles can clog dishwasher filters, spray arms and drains. This can cause malfunctions that may require expensive repairs or even a complete replacement of the appliance.

Unpleasant odors
Food residues in the dishwasher can cause unpleasant odors that spread to all the dishes. These odors are often difficult to remove and can make the dishes appear unhygienic.

Attracting Pests
Leftover food attracts insects and other pests. These can spread throughout the kitchen and pose health risks, especially when they contaminate food.

Environmental impact
Food residues in the dishwasher not only pollute the sewage pipes and sewage treatment plants, but also increase the energy and water consumption of the appliance, as it requires more effort to clean heavily soiled dishes. This can harm the environment in the long term.

Correct disposal of food waste:

Put food scraps in the organic waste
Most municipalities offer organic waste bins that are specifically designed for the disposal of organic waste. This waste can then be processed into compost or biogas, which is more environmentally friendly.

Put food scraps in the general waste
If there is no organic waste bin, food scraps can be put in the general waste. However, it is important that no large quantities of liquid or strong-smelling waste are disposed of in order to avoid unpleasant smells.

Compost food scraps
If you have a garden, you can dispose of food scraps in the compost pile. This is a sustainable way to turn waste into valuable fertilizer for plants. However, meat or fish scraps should not be composted as they can attract pests.

Use special disposal facilities
Some municipalities have special facilities or collection points for organic waste that enable environmentally friendly processing. Ask your municipality about such offers.


The dishwasher is designed to clean dishes, not to dispose of food waste. By disposing of waste correctly, you help to maintain the lifespan and efficiency of your dishwasher. You also avoid unpleasant smells, attract pests and make a valuable contribution to protecting the environment.


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