Please don’t spit on the lawn – it’s anti-smoking.

The sign humors the smoking ban by portraying the lawn as anti-smoking and asking visitors not to spit on it.

Please don’t spit on the lawn – it’s anti-smoking.
The detailed explanation

The sign "Please do not spit on the lawn - it is anti-smoking" is a creative and humorous way of communicating a smoking ban. Instead of simply stating dryly that smoking is prohibited, the sign plays on a personified characteristic of the lawn - it is "anti-smoking". This personification makes the ban less authoritarian and appeals to visitors in a playful way.

Visually, the poster could include a humorous image showing the lawn with a crossed-out cigarette symbol or an amusing scene of the lawn defending itself against smokers. The colors could be bright and inviting to attract viewers' attention.

The purpose of this sign goes beyond simply providing a rule. It is intended to encourage people to respect the smoking ban by making them think and elicit a smile. By portraying the lawn as an actor that has a preference (not to be bothered by smokers), it conveys the message in a non-confrontational way.

Such a sign could be placed in places such as parks, public squares or recreational areas where smoking is prohibited. It not only serves to enforce the rule, but also to create a positive atmosphere where visitors are encouraged to respect their surroundings and be considerate of one another.

Humor in public communication can be an effective way to convey rules, especially when it reinforces a generally accepted norm (such as banning smoking) in a casual and friendly way. It fosters a sense of community by showing that everyone, including the lawn, should follow the rules to maintain a pleasant environment for all.

Overall, the sign "Please do not spit on the grass - it is against smokers" is a good example of how creative design and humor can be used to support social norms and encourage positive behavior in public spaces.


>> No men's dreams are fulfilled here, only womb dreams.

>> Attention! No improvisations here please – unless you are a jazz musician.
>> Be careful! The lawn doesn't like comedy numbers - unless you're a professional comedian.
>> Be careful, there will be whining here – women, please show understanding.
>> Please do not spit on the grass – it is effective against all types of viruses.

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