Make sure your laptops and tablets stay clean.

Please keep your laptops and tablets clean to extend their lifespan and ensure hygienic use.

Make sure your laptops and tablets stay clean.

The sign reminds of the importance of regular care and cleaning of electronic devices, especially in environments such as schools, offices or public facilities where laptops and tablets are frequently used.

Importance of cleanliness and care

Extension of service life

Regularly cleaning laptops and tablets goes a long way in extending their lifespan. Dust, dirt and debris can affect the performance of the devices and cause them to overheat or malfunction. By removing dust and cleaning the surfaces, users can ensure that their devices remain efficient and reliable.

Hygienic use

Cleanliness is also important for the hygienic use of laptops and tablets, especially when they are used by multiple people. Regularly cleaning keyboards, screens and cases can reduce germs and bacteria that might otherwise build up on the surfaces. This is especially important in educational institutions and work environments to minimize the spread of disease.

Practical cleaning tips

Safety measures

Before starting cleaning, it is important that laptops and tablets are turned off and unplugged to avoid possible damage caused by moisture. For cleaning, it is recommended to use special cleaning products and soft microfiber cloths to avoid scratches and ensure gentle cleaning.

Cleaning keyboards

The keyboard is a common place for dust and dirt to accumulate. Using compressed air or special keyboard cleaners can remove crumbs and dust from between the keys. Alternatively, a keyboard cover can be used to minimize the ingress of dirt.

Maintain screens

When cleaning screens, do not use aggressive cleaning agents that could damage coatings. A slightly damp microfiber cloth is often sufficient to remove fingerprints and dust. However, the screen should always be completely turned off before cleaning.

Community responsibility

Training and education

The sign can also be used to educate users on proper care and cleaning of laptops and tablets. Training and educational materials can help raise awareness of the importance of device care and empower users to properly maintain their devices.

Shared use

In environments where laptops and tablets are shared, clear communication about cleaning policies and procedures is critical. By adhering to common standards and behaving respectfully when handling electronic devices, the lifespan of the devices can be maximized and efficiency of use improved.

Sustainability and resource conservation

Repair and recycling

Regular care and maintenance of laptops and tablets not only helps extend their lifespan, but also reduces the need for new purchases and thus the environmental footprint. When devices reach the end of their useful life, they should be properly recycled or reused to promote resource recovery.


The sign is a reminder of everyone's responsibility to treat electronic devices with care and to maintain them regularly. By implementing simple cleaning measures, users can not only extend the life of their devices, but also ensure their hygienic use and contribute to sustainability. By taking care of our devices, we can maintain their performance while helping to reduce electronic waste and environmental impact.


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