Avoid leaving litter on the way to school.

Please avoid leaving litter on the way to school to maintain a clean environment and contribute to environmental responsibility.

Avoid leaving litter on the way to school.

The sign is an important reminder to students and all those who come to school to keep the area clean and to contribute to environmental responsibility. A clean route to school not only adds to the aesthetic value of the area, but also promotes a healthy environment for everyone.

Importance of cleanliness on the way to school

Environmental Protection

Litter left on the way to school can not only pollute the landscape, but also endanger animals and have a negative impact on the environment. By avoiding litter, we help protect our environment and preserve nature.

Aesthetics and public perception

A clean school route improves the aesthetic quality of the environment and leaves a positive impression on parents, teachers and visitors to the school. It also promotes a sense of pride and belonging to the community.

Measures to prevent waste on the way to school

Awareness and education

Schools can implement programs and projects that educate students about the importance of waste reduction and environmental protection. This can be done through environmental education, classroom sessions, and trash pick-up activities.

Waste disposal

There should be enough garbage bins along the route to school so that students can dispose of their garbage easily. The bins should be clearly visible and emptied regularly to avoid overfilling.

Responsibility and community spirit

Individual responsibility

Each individual who uses the school route has the responsibility to dispose of waste properly and not leave any rubbish behind. This promotes an awareness of personal responsibility and environmental awareness.

Community efforts

Schools can work with parents, local communities and other stakeholders to support cleanliness initiatives on the school route. This can include organizing clean-ups, maintaining green spaces and creating a sustainable environmental culture.

Long-term effects

Sustainable practices

By encouraging good habits such as avoiding litter on the way to school, we can have long-term positive environmental impacts. This includes reducing landfill waste, preserving biodiversity and promoting healthy habitats.


The sign is a call to responsibility and to promote a clean and healthy environment. By adhering to these simple principles, we help create a more sustainable future and have a positive impact on our community. It takes everyone's support and participation to achieve these goals and create an environment where we can be proud to live and learn.


>> Dispose of your garbage properly. The environment will thank you.

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>> Be careful, hormones can spray in all directions!
>> Be careful, there will be whining here – women, please show understanding.
>> Please do not spit on the grass – it is effective against all types of viruses.

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