Always close doors and windows to prevent heat loss.

Please always close doors and windows to save energy and improve room comfort by preventing heat loss.

Always close doors and windows to prevent heat loss.

The information sign is a practical measure to improve energy efficiency and indoor comfort in buildings. It is aimed at residents and users of premises to encourage them to be conscious of the use of doors and windows, especially with regard to heat management.

Significance of the measure

Energy saving

Open doors and windows result in significant heat loss, especially during cold seasons or when air conditioning is on in summer. Closing them can reduce heating and cooling costs, resulting in financial savings while reducing environmental impact.

Improvement of the indoor climate

A closed building allows for better control over room temperature and air quality. This creates a pleasant and healthy indoor climate that promotes both the productivity and well-being of the residents.

Practical implementation

Awareness and training

The sign serves as a reminder and educational tool to raise awareness of the impact of open doors and windows on energy performance. Training can also help to promote understanding and engagement.

Technological support

Modern building management systems can provide automated solutions to close doors and windows when needed and optimize energy consumption. Such systems are particularly effective in large buildings or public facilities.

Responsibility and community

Collective action

By working together to close doors and windows, residents and users demonstrate collective responsibility for the energy efficiency of the building and contribute to a more sustainable community.

Long-term effects

Compliance with this measure can have positive long-term impacts by helping to reduce the carbon footprint and preserve resources for future generations.


The sign is not just a simple instruction, but a step towards sustainable use of resources and improving the quality of life. By being conscious of how we use doors and windows, we can do our part to save energy while creating a pleasant and efficient indoor climate. It takes commitment and cooperation to encourage this practice and bring about positive change in the long term.


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