Please do not leave any rubbish here. Thank you.

Our shared space deserves care. To keep the environment clean, please do not leave any garbage here.

Please do not leave any rubbish here. Thank you.
- This request is to keep this specific area free of trash. By avoiding trash, not only is the environment kept clean and aesthetically pleasing, but it also creates a sense of care and respect for the space and its use. This promotes a positive environment characterized by cleanliness and order, contributing to overall happiness and safety.

Why this note

This short but clear message is crucial to prevent garbage dumping in this place. It is a polite reminder that waste should not be left here, but must be disposed of in the designated waste bins. By expressing gratitude, it promotes respectful behavior and encourages compliance with the rules. This note is important to maintain the cleanliness and aesthetics of the place and to strengthen the sense of community.


- This notice reminds people not to leave rubbish in this place, but to dispose of it properly. It promotes respect and responsibility in the use of public and private spaces and helps to maintain a pleasant environment.


>> For a clean environment: dispose of garbage in the garbage bins.

>> Do not throw shit or dog feces into the pool water.
>> Be careful, I'm hotter than a kettle of boiling water!
>> Caution! Why doesn't my computer work if I turn the screen upside down? - "Gravity is not a feature!"
>> Don’t leave any experiences here – the toilet is not a stage.

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