Keep the toilets clean and leave them as you would like to find them.

Please keep the toilets clean and leave them as you would like to find them. Cleanliness is important for everyone's hygiene and well-being.

Keep the toilets clean and leave them as you would like to find them.

Description of the information board

The message "Keep the toilets clean and leave them as you would like to find them" is an important reminder of the importance of cleanliness and respect in public spaces. This simple but effective reminder goes a long way in creating a hygienic and pleasant environment where all users feel comfortable and using public toilets becomes a positive experience.

Hygiene and health

Cleanliness in toilets is essential for the hygiene and health of users. Toilets are places where germs and bacteria that can cause various diseases can easily be transmitted. By following cleanliness rules and leaving toilets in a tidy condition, the risk of infections and the spread of diseases is significantly reduced. Regularly cleaning and disinfecting toilet surfaces, properly disposing of paper towels and flushing after use are simple but effective measures to ensure hygiene.

Respect and consideration

The advice to leave the toilets as you would like to find them promotes an awareness of respect and consideration for other users. Everyone wants to find a clean and well-maintained toilet and it is the responsibility of each individual to fulfill this expectation for the next users. This creates a culture of mutual respect and care that significantly improves coexistence in communities and public spaces.

Environment and sustainability

A clean toilet area also helps to promote environmental awareness and sustainability. Proper disposal of waste and economical use of water and cleaning agents not only protects the environment, but also conserves resources. Reducing waste and avoiding unnecessary water consumption are important measures for the sustainable use of public facilities and protecting the environment.

Comfort and well-being

A clean toilet contributes significantly to the comfort and well-being of users. Messy and dirty toilet rooms are not only unpleasant, but can also cause stress and discomfort. A well-maintained toilet, on the other hand, ensures a pleasant and stress-free user experience. This is especially important in public facilities such as schools, offices or shopping centers, where many people rely on using toilets on a daily basis.

Education and parenting

Compliance with cleanliness rules in toilets is also an important aspect of upbringing and education. It is particularly important in schools that students learn the importance of cleanliness and hygiene and how they can contribute to a clean environment through their behavior. By learning to take responsibility for the cleanliness of toilets at an early age, students develop an awareness of the importance of hygiene and cleanliness that they can also apply to other areas of life.

Efficiency and costs

Clean toilet facilities also contribute to efficiency and cost savings. When toilets are kept clean on a regular basis, the need for intensive cleaning and repairs that can arise from neglect and misuse is reduced. This leads to more efficient use of resources and lower costs for facility maintenance. Clean toilets are therefore not only a matter of hygiene, but also an economic consideration.

Role model and social responsibility

Following cleanliness rules in restrooms also sets a positive example for others and promotes a sense of social responsibility. People who follow these rules show that they care about the community and public spaces and are willing to do their part to maintain a clean and pleasant environment. This can motivate others to also take responsibility and follow the cleanliness rules.


The advice "Keep the toilets clean and leave them as you would like to find them" is a call for responsibility, respect and consideration when using public facilities. Cleanliness and hygiene are basic requirements that not only promote the health and well-being of users, but also help create a pleasant and welcoming environment. By following this simple rule, all users can do their part to ensure that public toilets are clean and safe and promote a positive and respectful culture of use.


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