Please do not decorate the furniture with paint or glue.

Please avoid decorating the furniture with paint or glue to preserve its quality and aesthetics.

Please do not decorate the furniture with paint or glue.

The sign is essential to ensure the longevity and well-maintained condition of furniture in the school. It is a reminder that applying paint or glue to furniture can cause damage that is expensive and difficult to repair. Here are some key reasons why this sign is important and how it helps maintain a pleasant learning environment:

1. Maintaining Furniture Quality
Furniture is an important investment for schools and should be maintained to maintain its functionality and aesthetics. Applying paint or glue can damage the surfaces, leaving permanent marks and reducing the lifespan of the furniture.

2. Aesthetic Appearance
A clean and neat appearance of furniture contributes to the positive perception of the school environment. Damaged or improperly decorated furniture can spoil the overall appearance and leave a negative impression.

3. Safety Considerations
Unprofessional decorations can leave sharp edges or uneven surfaces that can pose a safety risk to students and teachers. This is especially true for frequently used furniture such as tables, chairs or cabinets.

4. Cost and Resources
Repairing or replacing damaged furniture can be financially burdensome and requires time and resources that could be used for other important school projects.

5. Promoting a sense of responsibility
The sign promotes an awareness of the responsibility of each individual in dealing with communal resources. It encourages students and teachers to view the furniture as a common good and to protect it accordingly.

To ensure the effectiveness of this sign, schools should take additional measures:

- Education and training
Awareness-raising campaigns, workshops or lessons on the correct use of school furniture and the consequences of improper treatment.

- Regular inspections
Routine checks of furniture in classrooms and other school areas to identify and repair any damage early.

- Create clear policies
Clear and understandable policies on the use and care of school furniture that are communicated to all school members.

- Collaboration with the school community
Involve students, teachers, parents and administrative staff in the development and implementation of measures to protect school furniture.

The sign helps promote a respectful and caring learning environment where all school members can feel comfortable and valued.


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