Keep the toilet clean: Do not throw any rubbish into it, please!

A clean toilet is pleasant for everyone. Please do not dispose of waste in it.

Keep the toilet clean: Do not throw any rubbish into it, please!
- This request aims to keep the toilets clean by not throwing waste into them that does not belong there. By following this rule, you will help to avoid blockages and other sanitary problems that could be caused by improper disposal. It is a simple act of courtesy and consideration to keep the shared sanitary facilities in good condition.

Why this note

This friendly reminder encourages people not to throw waste into the toilet to keep it clean. It encourages proper use of the toilet facilities and helps prevent blockages. By providing clear instructions, it encourages respectful behavior and shows consideration for the needs of other users.


- This notice reminds people to keep the toilet clean by not throwing waste into it. It raises awareness of respect for shared spaces and shows how small actions can help maintain a pleasant environment.


>> Avoid throwing chewing gum on the floor.

>> Please no improvised ballet routines on the lawn – unless you are a ballerina.
>> Please do not disturb women – men need peace and quiet to complain.
>> Attention! Here the grass is only used for serious fouls.
>> Great surface! Be careful, it might get too hot!

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