Please dispose of your waste properly. Thank you!

A tidy waste disposal area contributes to cleanliness. Remember to dispose of your rubbish correctly.

Please dispose of your waste properly. Thank you!
- This notice reminds people not to throw waste away indiscriminately, but to dispose of it in the containers provided. By doing so, they show respect for the environment and the community in which they live or work. It is a gesture of responsibility that helps reduce environmental pollution and maintain the cleanliness and health of the environment. The thank you at the end of the notice shows appreciation for the cooperative compliance with this simple but important rule.

Why this note

This friendly reminder is important to raise awareness of proper waste disposal. It politely requests that waste be disposed of in the designated containers rather than left lying around or dumped in the wild. By expressing gratitude, it creates a positive atmosphere for following the rules and strengthens a sense of community. This note supports a sustainable way of living and shows appreciation for efforts to protect the environment and keep it clean.


- This notice calls for the correct disposal of waste and thanks people for complying with this instruction. It highlights everyone's responsibility for the environment and encourages respect for public and private areas.


>> Please do not leave any rubbish here. Thank you.

>> When farting, even in the outdoor pool, pay attention to the wind direction.
>> Attention! No improvisations here please – unless you are a jazz musician.
>> No men's dreams are fulfilled here, only womb dreams.
>> If the toilet could talk, it would be happy about a clean visit.

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