Please do not dispose of any waste in the toilet.

Hygiene is important. Please do not dispose of waste in the toilet.

Please do not dispose of any waste in the toilet.
To protect the sanitary facilities and avoid blockages, we ask that you do not dispose of waste in the toilet that does not belong there. Please use the waste bins or disposal options provided for hygiene products and other waste. This will help maintain the functionality and cleanliness of the toilets and ensure that the sanitary facilities remain accessible to all users.

Why this note

This clear instruction prohibits the disposal of waste in the toilet and encourages the use of other suitable disposal options. It promotes the proper use of sanitation facilities and helps prevent blockages and environmental pollution. By setting clear guidelines, it encourages hygienic behavior and shows commitment to the maintenance of sanitation facilities.


- This notice draws attention to the fact that toilets are not places for rubbish disposal and reminds people not to throw rubbish into the toilet. It highlights the importance of proper waste disposal and shows how important it is to keep sanitary facilities clean. By all of us following this instruction and disposing of our rubbish properly, we will help maintain the hygiene and functionality of the toilets that are used by many people.


>> Please do not leave any rubbish here. Thank you.

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