Great surface! Caution, could lead to excessive stroking!

The sign humorously warns of a surface that is so pleasant that you might be tempted to stroke it.

Great surface! Caution, could lead to excessive stroking!
The comprehensive description

The signage reading "Horny Surface - Caution, May Result in Excessive Stroking" is a humorous warning that might appear in unusual places or unexpected situations. It playfully combines everyday language with an unexpected twist that makes you smile and think.

The first reaction when reading the sign is often a smile or even a laugh due to the unexpected and slightly suggestive use of the adjective "horny". Normally used to express sexual attraction or excitement, here it is applied to a surface, creating a humorous alienation. The sign draws attention and invites you to take a closer look at the surroundings to find out what kind of surface is meant and why it is described as "horny".

The warning against "excessive stroking" reinforces the humorous nature of the sign, playing on the common human behavior of touching or stroking pleasant things. It implies a surface so exceptionally pleasant that people may be tempted to touch it for longer than usual - a subtle allusion to how material things are often experienced on an emotional level.

Such a sign could appear in various places: in art exhibitions, in modern museums, in design studios or even in public spaces with special architectural features or materials. The choice of the word "geil" is deliberately provocative and aims to break the conventions of formal language in order to achieve a direct and immediate reaction from the viewer.

On a deeper level, the sign could also be seen as a commentary on human nature - how we are attracted to sensory stimuli and how our perception can be altered by linguistic turns and context. It plays on the contrast between the sober purpose of a warning sign and the playful way in which that warning is worded.

At a time when many warnings and signs tend to be serious and sober, this sign is a refreshing change. It is thought-provoking and can make viewers perceive their surroundings in new and unexpected ways. The ironic use of the adjective "awesome" leaves room for interpretation and reflection on language and cultural norms.

Overall, the sign "Horny Surface - Caution, May Result in Excessive Stroking" is a clever example of the power of language and humor in public space. It creates an unexpected connection between the formal function of a warning sign and the playful freedom of expression that encourages viewers to experience their environment in a new and humorous way.


>> Great surface! Be careful, it might get too hot!

>> Be careful, teachers are teaching here! May trigger spontaneous outbursts of knowledge and fits of laughter.
>> Be careful, I'm hotter than a kettle of boiling water!
>> If you lose your way, follow the airport signs – or a friendly airport employee.
>> If you get lost, follow the arrows – or just call a taxi.

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