No selfie stick sessions on the lawn please – unless you are an influencer.

No selfie stick sessions are allowed on the lawn unless you're an influencer. A particularly exciting clue!

No selfie stick sessions on the lawn please – unless you are an influencer.
The comprehensive presentation

The description shows a humorous and at the same time clear message for visitors to a public lawn or park. In the middle is a crossed-out symbol of a selfie stick, which makes the restriction clear: It is not permitted to use selfie sticks on the lawn. Below it is the ironic addition: "unless you are an influencer."

The design of the sign is deliberately kept simple so that it can be quickly understood. The background is in bright, friendly colors to create a positive atmosphere and emphasize the contrast with the humorous text.

The idea behind this instruction is to preserve the peace and recreational value of the lawn for all visitors by avoiding unwanted disturbances caused by selfie sticks. At the same time, the information sign alludes to the modern phenomena of influencer culture, where selfies and sharing moments play a significant role.

By naming "influencers" as an exception, the sign also alludes to the social dynamics and influence of people who might have greater reach and attention through their presence on the internet. This ironic touch invites us to reflect on our own behavior and shows in a humorous way how rules and social norms can be interpreted in a digitally connected world.

The sign is not only intended to provide information, but also to make people think and put a smile on their faces. It embodies a contemporary approach to the topic of public etiquette and digital media by taking up current phenomena and presenting them with a wink.


>> We always respect customers' privacy and personal preferences regarding sex and toys.

>> When botched work becomes entertainment – ​​an operation with a wow effect.
>> Be careful, hormones can spray in all directions!
>> Be careful! The lawn doesn't like comedy numbers - unless you're a professional comedian.
>> If the toilet could talk, it would be happy about a clean visit.

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